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Who is milla?

Get to know a little bit more about the singer/songwriter and the story that brought her here. From growing up in a musical household to rolling up her sleeves to produce her first album "bed thoughts", released in the last day of 2020, as the culmination of a troubled - to say the least - for us all.



The musician was born in April 1999, right at the turn of the century, in Barbalha (Brazil), and spent her childhood between her parents house (Bahia) and her grandmother's, before definetely coming back to Ceará at age 10, when she acted on her everlasting interest in music. Daughter of musician Mário Filho, music was always present, along with various instruments around the house. At age 11, she started taking singing lessons and got her first instrument - a guitar - on her 13th birthday, the same year she wrote her very first song.


Milla took the piano at age 15 and by the time she enrolled at music school, she had countless compositions in the folk/singer-songwriter style that always inspired her. At college, she participated in choirs and vocal groups, it was also when she took classical singing and deepened her studies in musical theory. Today, her music mixes her rooted folk style with elements of classical music and a carefully written lyrics that are greatly inspired by the literature of Oscar Wilde and Emily Brontë, and by the writing of Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) and Hozier. 



When the pandemic hit, we all felt the isolation differently. For Milla, it meant sleepless nights due to the reawakening of her songwriting. The singer explores themes such as these in her debut album "bed thoughts", released in 31st of December 2020, as a way to wrap up everything (or most things). In a gentle, yet precise way, the songs in the album carry out the message of a sensitive person dealing with the heavy world, great passions and precious friendships. Now Milla is working on her sophomore album - also written in 2020 - with Hatus Quemuel (producer and arranger) and Victor Almeida (conductor and musical director), getting ready for bringing Bed Thoughts to a live audience, producing several artists and continuously composing.

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